Welcome to Fit for Purpose

Getting you going is our speciality; if something is holding you back we aim to provide a solution that makes you free to reach your potential. You may have looked everywhere and tried everything but perhaps we can help?

If you are committed and open minded we are probably for you, we take the time to listen, understand and engage before proposing and agreeing a plan of action. Working with you to ensure you start moving forward immediately, the sooner you start, the sooner you will realise your potential.

Please get in touch by telephone or e-mail by clicking the link or pop in for a chat to discuss details or to book an appointment.

Here is a summary of the things we do:

  • Massage therapy - sports, remedial or relaxing to relieve muscle tension and speed recovery from injury
  • Sports performance - help with the development of physical and mental fitness for performing at your best, including coaching, review of training programmes, sports psychology and physiological assessments
  • Personal training - a personal helper and guide as you work towards your fitness goals. We don’t use a formula for fitness, we treat everyone as an individual and use our expertise in exercise, physiology and nutrition to ensure everyone gets the best training possible.
  • Sports psychology - help with the development of mental skills that lead to improved performance, a positive self image and freedom from anxiety.
  • Coaching - to turn targets into reality by providing objectivity and structure; determine realistic goals and break them down into bite sized chunks to provide a clear and achievable route to success

You may know what you would like, in which case you can select from our range of services, or if you want a bit of help we can work with you to develop a plan of action and provide support to help you make the changes you want.