Welcome to Fit for Purpose

Fit for Purpose began life purely focussed on massage therapy but has evolved into a more holistic solution; offering the capability and environment to address and resolve physiological and psychological issues, providing clients with the freedom and support required to reach their potential.

Our aim is to encourage physical and mental wellbeing by providing treatment of acute and chronic conditions, physiological and nutritional assessment and coaching to help our clients meet their individual aspirations and potential. Whether your issues are psychological or physiological, whether you dream of walking a mile or competing at elite level, we are here to support you on your journey.

All the members of our team are passionate about sport and fitness – from participating in it to the science behind it – and this passion shines through in everything we do.

Meet the team:

team member involved in working activity

Christine Buckley

Christine has achieved some remarkable results in helping people with chronic problems or injuries through sports and remedial massage therapy – in both sport and life in general. As a sports therapist, she continues to support and treat athletes up to international level, working at many sporting events providing pre and post event massage. She works with British Triathlon at championship events, including the 2011 European long distance triathlon championships in Finland. more...

team member involved in working activity

John Hampshire

Although John originally graduated in engineering, he has been involved in sport and taken an interest in nutrition, health and fitness for as long as he can remember. Since retraining, he has learnt to transfer the analytical skills, planning and problem-solving that he developed in his time as an engineer to benefit his clients at Fit for Purpose. more...

team member involved in working activity

Mary Wilkinson

Mary specialises in personal training and strength and conditioning for fitness, sports performance and rehabilitation. As a GB international runner with a degree and MSc in sports science, she knows what she is talking about. Understanding that everyone has their own pace of development, Mary works in a way that suits the abilities and aspirations of each individual client to ensure optimal progression from each session. more...

The team is based at the Fit for Purpose clinic and assessment centre, conveniently located in the centre of Skipton, so please feel free to pop and have a chat with us about the goals in your life and how we can help you achieve them.