The best nutrition?

(Posted on 17th May by Fit for Purpose)

blog image Nutrition is an interesting one; since before we started Fit for Purpose we have taken an interest in nutrition; Christine having been vegetarian for most of her life and then having vegetarian and vegan friends we naturally wanted to understand the impact of various nutrients on our bodies. A few years ago, taking a greater interest in the environment, Christine and John became vegan and both experienced feelings of improved health. ... read more

April Fool?

(Posted on 1st April by John Hampshire)

blog image Ironically, this April fools day showed me the reality. I have been fooling myself into ignoring the sad state of physical fitness I have drifted into.... ..... over recent weeks/months, thinking that I have a good base of fitness; recently introduced to Strava cycling and being slowest of my friends.. ... read more

Best warm ups for cycling and running

(Posted on 7th August by John Hampshire)

blog image All this Olympic mania is very exciting and the GB team are performing amazingly well. More locally, I was chatting with a friend yesterday and he mentioned seeing a Tweet saying that Yorkshire would rank higher on the medal table than Russia! I haven’t checked but Yorkshire is certainly pretty good for sport at the moment. ... read more

A good training camp?

(Posted on 19th January by John Hampshire)

blog image It’s coming to the end of our first Fit for Purpose training camp, in Puerto Pollensa, Mallorca. Most people have gone home and I’m pondering how it went. There were 9 of us, joining in for different periods of time and with differing objectives; including five runners of varying abilities, one fit but non-competitive cyclist, an elite mountain biker, an elite paratriathlete and an elite handcyclist. Fit for Purpose staff were Christine, Mary and John. ... read more

Cycle training in Mallorca

(Posted on 20th December by John Hampshire)

blog image Mallorca is a wonderful venue for cycling and hand cycling, particularly at this time of year and on into the spring. At this time, before the holiday season has started and the roads are clogged with cars, thousands of cyclists flock to the island and take over the smooth tarmac, rolling hills and mountains. The weather is warm but not too hot and there is very little rain. ... read more

What can we learn from mountain goats?

(Posted on 12th December by John Hampshire)

blog image So here I am in Majorca, a perfect environment to do some training and test one or two theories; one being the up and down hill running ideas from last time and the other some thoughts about the impact of low intensity exercise on training for racing. I'm down at Studio 2 in Puerto Pollensa now, Sarah the owner has been very helpful to us - particularly getting me a few clients for sports massage. ... read more

What makes efficient running?

(Posted on 7th December by John Hampshire)

blog image Brrr… It seems to be winter, we had snow on Monday and it bucketed down all day yesterday, it won’t be long before Clare and I are up to our ankles in mud as we run up to Skipton golf course each morning.

Well, it wouldn’t be if I wasn’t off to Majorca on Friday for some warm weather training with Karen Darke, and leaving poor old Clare to paddle on her own. ... read more

How much soft tissue therapy is best?

(Posted on 2nd December by John Hampshire)

blog image Recent events have demonstrated to me how important it is to maintain an appropriate amount of contact time with each client.

Clients prior commitments have dictated that they have missed a few massage therapy sessions with a couple of our clients, resulting in the appearance of a few niggling injuries, ... read more

Back-up on location

(Posted on 22nd November by Karen)

blog image Snow on the mountains this morning: my fingers numb as the cold penetrates the gloves, heavy breathing fogging my glasses as I work hard to climb the hills, big puffy pants to stop my legs freezing, that extra bit of energy it takes to stay warm leaving me more tired than ever after training. Ah, longing now for the easier days of summer.

Had a hard training week with my coach from Fit for Purpose - who has generously been donated a very fast and cool leg-pedalled trike ... read more

One Year in Skipton

(Posted on 22nd November by John Hampshire)

blog image This is the editorial from our first Newsletter, you can find a link to the whole thing on the left column of our website (I think it makes a good blog):

Skipton has now been our home for just over a year and we’ve been in our Albert Street premises since November 2010. ... read more

Medals, medals, medals

(Posted on 25th October by Scary)

blog image Wow….where to start?? So much has happened since I last blogged, mainly because it’s so long since I lasted blogged, sorry, but to keep this post positive, virtually everything that has happened has been GREAT! With my body and mind pretty much behaving itself…and with Fit for Purpose ensuring that it remained it a positive functioning state, I gradually built my training volume back up, but more importantly, I was really enjoying running again. ... read more

Three adventures and an ex-crock

(Posted on 2nd September by John Hampshire)

blog image It's been a while since the last blog; not because we haven't been doing anything, in fact it's probably the opposite, we have been very busy.

Our efforts to build our base in sports and remedial massage have resulted in a stable client base that is expanding all the time, ... read more