Biomechanical analysis in the field, on a treadmill or a stationary bicycle provides remarkable insight into the restrictions and imbalances that can result from injury or impair optimum performance. We have had remarkable success in identifying and treating long term injuries using these techniques.

We use video cameras to record movement at increasing speeds and work loads to obtain details of range and direction of movements. The video is then observed in slow motion and particular frames are highlighted to demonstrate any relevant issues.

The most common finding is an imbalance in the range of motion as a result of restrictions and tightness in soft tissues such as muscles and ligaments.

Soft tissue techniques such as massage, assisted stretches and manipulation can be used to remove the restrictions and restore the natural range of motion. This also allows any imbalances in muscle strength to be corrected due to restoration of natural biomechanics in combination with a strength and conditioning programme.

If appropriate a set of customisable orthotic inserts can be supplied but we like to think of this as a last resort and prefer to work to reinstate the natural range of motion, allowing the development of strength and fitness to return to full performance and activity levels as quickly as possible.