Action is what turns dreams into reality. There are many reasons why coaching gets results but commitment and objectivity are two important ones. When you employ a coach you make a commitment to action. The coach helps objectively determine goals and break them into bite sized, realistic chunks that you can tick off as you progress towards your ultimate target.

Your coach also provides objectivity during the training. How many times have you considered whether you should do that hard session when you have a slight cold or thought that just having an extra hour in bed would be better than training? In the first instance your coach would provide a second and objective opinion, in the second you may feel more inclined to get out of bed and do the necessary training. All top sportsmen and women have at least one coach and probably wouldn’t achieve anything like as much without their help.

Everyone is a bit different, with their own life commitments, aspirations, mental and physical strengths and weaknesses. We also believe that exercise should be enjoyable and so should competition, because of that we take the time to understand the likes and dislikes of our clients so that they get the most out of our services. Even our most basic training plans are based on a careful analysis and every plan is unique to the individual.