Massage Therapy

Massage provides relief from muscle tensions, relaxing the body and mind to allow us to go about our activities in a relaxed and efficient way. It can also be a very effective treatment for chronic injuries such as a sore back or during recovery from an accident, helping reduce pain and improve mobility.

The benefits include:

  Reduced pain
  Improved mobility
  Relief from repetitive strain injuries (RSIs)
  Reducing frequency and intensity of migraine and headaches
  Improving posture
  Improved self awareness
  Reduced stress and anxiety
  A relaxed and more stable mental condition
  A period of personal, stress free time for relaxation

During pregnancy and beyond

Massage techniques can provide relief from the additional physical and mental demands experienced during pregnancy by relieving muscle tensions and providing a dedicated period of personal time for relaxation. When combined with mental relaxation techniques the benefits can be amazing.

Therapy for both body and mind

We offer a combined deep tissue massage and relaxation session that provides the ultimate therapy for body and mind.