Sports Massage

The use of massage techniques can significantly improve performance in all sports. The reduction in muscle tensions such as lumps and knots free the body to perform at its optimum. The development of even muscle tone readies the athlete for smooth, efficient activity.

Irrespective of the level of competition, the investment of time and money in a competitive event is significant and it makes sense to make every reasonable effort to optimise performance and meet personal goals.

Out of competition

By keeping the body in optimal condition, regular massage treatment will allow training and recovery from training sessions to be as effective as possible. This will ensure that maximum training effect can be gained from each session, leading directly to improvements in performance during competition.


A carefully tailored pre-event massage prepares both body and mind for the demands of competition by generating even muscle tone and starting the process of mental preparation.


After competition, a short massage aids recovery and reduces muscle soreness by smoothing irregularities and reducing the build up of toxins within the muscles. This allows a quicker return to training or just a more comfortable return to day to day activities.

During competition

Competitions lasting for several hours or days often require short periods of relaxation/recovery during the event. The use of massage techniques can significantly improve recovery and prepare the competitor for the next phase of activity.

Fit for Purpose attend endurance events throughout the country and where required can provide on location massage services to groups or individuals.